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Best Talent Program - Award for VGD Hungary

Best Talent Program - Award for VGD Hungary

Another award for VGD Hungary!

We are pleased and proud to announce that the Joint Venture Association (JVSZ)

Companies For The Future Award 2024 competition


3rd place for VGD Hungary.

The Joint Venture Association (JVSZ), which has a history of almost 40 years, held its third edition of its prestigious "Companies for the Future Award" Gala Event. On Saturday, 3 February, in the Lovarda (Buda Castle), with the participation of nearly 300 company leaders, the JVSZ honoured its member companies in a total of 6 categories. In the course of the evening, the Ministry of National Economy and the Joint Venture Association signed a strategic partnership agreement spanning several professional fields.

An important mission of the JVSZ is to support the development of domestic companies by sharing the good practices and experiences of its member companies and to disseminate exemplary corporate programmes more widely. The awards, now available in 6 categories, were given to companies that have achieved outstanding results in the previous year, and to companies that operate responsibly and consciously with the future of the economy in mind.

Dr. Ágnes Fábián, President of the JVSZ, proudly reported on the development of the Association's "Companies for the Future Award" initiative. "Our aim is to create more visibility and to reward JVSZ member companies in more areas, so we have extended the range of our "Companies for the Future Award", established in 2021, to 2024, as a continuation of our successes." In addition to the main awards for large companies and medium-sized companies, this year there are now 4 special award categories for the prestigious JVSZ "Companies for the Future Award".

The JVSZ considers all three podium winners in each category to be winners, as the complexity of the judging criteria for the award and the second and third place awards are a great recognition. For the main prizes, companies were ranked according to a set of criteria compiled by OPTEN, while the special prizes were open to entries. The order of the winners in each category was decided by a highly prestigious jury of experts appointed to judge the award.

For the second year running, the Ministry of National Economy has supported the initiative, with Minister of National Economy Márton Nagy, as the event's patron, presenting the prestigious awards to exemplary large and medium-sized companies that have a positive impact on our future.

"The JVSZ is the leading business association in Hungary, bringing together around 1000 companies through its groups. Our member companies cover almost one third of the total Hungarian GDP. It is therefore our responsibility to build a strong bridge and create a real dialogue between the government and the business community", added Dr. Ágnes Fábián, President of JVSZ.

SPECIAL AWARDS - 4 categories

The 2 special prize categories introduced last year have been extended to 4 categories this year, thanks to the initial success. The four special prizes were open to applications from member companies.

The aim of this opportunity is to promote and reward good practice by member companies in categories that the JVSZ Board and management consider to be of particular importance, in line with the values of the organisation, and thus support the more effective and efficient operation of companies.

For each special prize, the entries were judged by a special jury of experts appointed to assess the entries for that prize.

In each of the four categories, entries were invited for an exemplary initiative that makes a significant contribution to the objectives of the call and demonstrates the excellence of the company's programme in the field, its business approach and its impact on society. Exemplary companies are rewarded for their responsible and conscious approach to their domestic presence, for the significant energy they devote to increasing the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy, and for their ability to take a holistic economic view of the ecosystem in which they operate.

VGD Hungary applied in the BEST TALENT PROGRAM category.

BEST TALENT PROGRAM supported by Henkel Hungary

BEST COMPANY TALENT PROGRAMME: a special award category for talent management within the company, care for the next generation, development of education, support for managers, development of necessary skills, professional training of the young generation.

The aim is to recognise and highlight programmes and initiatives that demonstrate how companies are developing talent, building career paths and leadership development, which can serve as good practices and role models, and have a positive impact on employee retention, thus helping companies to run smoothly and achieve their business objectives.

Professional jury members:

  • Violett Dóczi, Behaviour magazine, Editor-in-Chief
  • Dr. Ágnes Fábián, Managing Director, Henkel Hungary
  • Zoltán Gazsi, Managing Director, Eisberg Hungary Kft.
  • Dr. László György, NGM, Government Commissioner
  • Kata Márton, HR Solutions Agency, Managing Director

Best Talent Program supported by Henkel Hungary

  • 1st place: Nestlé Hungária Kft.
  • 2nd place: Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft.
  • 3rd place: VGD Hungary Kft.

A recurring and unmissable feature of the Gala Evening is the charity raffle draw for social causes, with this year's beneficiary being the Cseppkő Children's Home Centre through the Human Treatment for Children Foundation. The total raffle proceeds from the Gala, together with additional corporate donations, amounted to HUF 2.5 million. The donation will be used to support the Joint Venture Association and its member companies by donating sports equipment to help children from severely disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • JVSZ Gála 2024
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