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Succession Management Is Dear To Their Heart

Succession Management Is Dear To Their Heart

Succession Management Is Dear To Their Heart


We are pleased to announce that VGD Hungary Audit Ltd. has joined as a member and, with its professional knowledge and experience, will support the successful operation of the Gremium for Succession Association (GaUE) from the second half of 2023.

Founded in 2021, GaUE aims to facilitate more effective collaboration among professionals dealing with succession (lawyers, financial, investment, transactional, tax advisors). The organization seeks to implement best practices, including the development of educational and operational standards, through direct education and involvement of educational institutions.

"We are delighted to join an expert organization with 'selected' members operating according to the highest quality standards, as we ourselves consider succession management is dear to our heart," said Gyöngyi Ferencz, Managing Partner of VGD Hungary Audit Kft. In our work, we often find that clients have multiple questions regarding a company succession. In such cases, we deal not only with transactional tasks, company assets, determining the value of the company, or tax issues. We create a comprehensive picture that is examined in legal and financial terms, and it may happen that we propose a complete reorganization to ensure optimal operation for the business.

As a result of the philosophy and values of VGD Hungary, the company has been supporting many clients for decades, knows them well, and has extensive knowledge to prepare the company for ownership changes in a timely manner. In collaboration with GaUE, VGD Hungary actively participates in the development of the succession management profession and knowledge sharing. It transfers experience and, as a member of the advisory working group, willingly incorporates the good practices and methodology of GaUE members into its own solutions.

We look forward to starting the collaboration with VGD Hungary. The company and its leaders have not only domestic but also Western European experience in many areas, which we would like to incorporate into our materials and educational topics that help prepare families and (company) assets for succession. These areas may include company valuation, interim management, and generally, the advisory process tailored to the family. We highly appreciate VGD Hungary's commitment to the field of succession management and its openness to developing professional collaboration - added András Kállay, President of the Gremium for Succession Association (GaUE).

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Gyöngyi Ferencz
Gyöngyi Ferencz
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