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Real-time invoice data reporting - Invoice data reporting methods should be fixed!

Real-time invoice data reporting - Invoice data reporting methods should be fixed!

Real-time invoice data reporting  - Invoice data reporting methods should be fixed!


In our previous newsletter, we have already written about the importance of correct real-time data reporting,
and this is supported by a recent information letter published by the Hungarian Tax Authority.

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Warning regarding the non-compliant invoice data reporting


The Hungarian Tax Authority (hereinafter: HTA) has published an information letter regarding the fact that the HTA will notify the taxpayers whose real-time invoice data reports from their invoicing software did not use a unique invoice number and therefore failed to fulfill the real time invoice data report obligations in May 2024.

The incorrect data reporting will be monitored by the comparison of the Q1 2024 reports. Those who have fulfilled more than one incorrect data reporting during the respective period will receive a notification to their Depository.

In the letter, taxpayers are warned that the invoices they issue must have a unique serial number and if this is not met (i.e. they use the same serial number during the invoice data reporting), the Real Time Invoice Reporting system (hereinafter: RTIR) will reject the submission.

Any messages related to the invoice data reporting are directly available in the RTIR interface as well as in each invoicing software. In the RTIR interface, the primary user as well as the secondary user authorised to retrieve invoices can access the feedback in the Invoices / Invoice data reporting interface.

We assume that in the future the taxpayers who submit incorrect invoice data reports will receive more notifications in this regard, so we recommend ensuring whether the fulfilled invoice data reporting obligation is in line with the respective rules. In the case of the incorrect or missing invoices will not be corrected or completed, the HTA may impose a fine of HUF 500,000 per invoice.


How Can We Assist You? 

  • Review of invoice data submissions to ensure completeness;
  • Invoice XML review, preparation of necessary corrections;
  • Interpretation of error messages and formulation of correction suggestions;
  • Reconciliation of VAT returns and Online Invoice data submissions (outgoing, incoming, complete).


Should you have any questions as regards about it,
the tax experts of VGD Hungary will be pleased to assist you.

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