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CFO Services
CFO SERVICES – Outsource the responsibilities of the CFO!


The VGD expert team is also keen to undertake financial management tasks during economic due diligence. Whether a newly founded business, the expansion of an existing business or an investment, comprehensive financial and business plans, a financing strategy, and loan scheme planning or restructuring can be useful before you make a decision, and we are here to offer our suggestions.

All companies have a huge amount of information available. The challenge lies in transforming it into appropriate, useful information that enhances and increases the value of the company’s strategic policy. This can be done using the reliable management reports available in real time. However, this is merely the last step in the process. The quality of a management report depends on the reliability of the data.

The CFO services offered by VGD help optimise and automate the business processes that provide these data. Using intelligent tools, we help you display these data clearly, without having to spend hours on creating tables.

These tools not only provide an overview of the historical financial situation of the company: You, as the manager or CFO, will also obtain an accurate insight into the company’s operational performance. Our goal is to provide the data you need to plan your best business year!


Corporate performance management

This makes it possible to continuously monitor the efficiency of the company’s strategy. Our experts will be delighted to help you establish financial and operational management reporting processes using intelligent tools, generating reports in just a few clicks.

Budget and predictions

We help establish the budgets and predictions necessary to meet your strategic goals. Our support in the field of activity monitoring enables you, among other things, to optimise your company’s cost structure and monitor its performance.


Process optimisation

In order to increase the volume and quality of the available data, we also provide support for the digitalisation and structuring of business processes. This includes the establishment of analytical accounting, as well as the digitalisation and automation of the entire process, from order to payment.

Capital optimisation

We help you optimise, budget for and monitor your existing capital by providing data and insights into its most important components.

Consolidation and group reporting

We help groups to establish digitalised and fully automated consolidation and group reporting processes. Ultimately, this makes it possible for you to measure and monitor the performance of your company.

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