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Company valuation

Company valuation
COMPANY VALUATION – What do you estimate your business to be worth?


Our company is an asset that represents significant value, affecting not only our owner’s value, but also the interests of our colleagues and clients.


If you are pondering about the sell or purchase of a business share; if you are considering restructuring, development, investment, or initial public offering; or if you have received an inheritance or would like to hand over management to your heirs, your company’s market value is a determining factor and represents the basis of our important business decisions.

A company’s value determines how much we are willing to sell it for, and how much the buyer is willing to pay for it, thus making it essential for the CEO to have an accurate idea of how much the company is worth. This demands a comprehensive overview and an accurate analysis of the company’s current situation in order to avoid subsequent “skeletons in the closet”. 


Our company valuation service includes, among other things:

  • the analysis of the company structure from the perspective of both the management and the employees (human value)
  • the analysis of the marketing and sales strategy and actual figures, which have an impact on both of the current and future market positions
  • a market risk analysis and analysis of competitors (benchmark study)
  • the mapping of the company’s financial resources, credit portfolio, outstanding debts, current assets, etc., as well as the results achieved to date and expected in the future, performed in accordance with international company valuation methodologies
  • the definition of company value by the application of international company valuation models

During the company valuation, all elements are taken into account objectively, using data-supported calculations, and an accurate numerical report of the analysis is compiled. In addition, as a professional negotiating partner, we offer you comprehensive representation and support from the first steps throughout the entire transaction process.

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