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Digitisation solutions and IT consulting

Digitisation solutions and IT consulting
We can help your company make its IT solutions more secure and efficient in taxation and accounting


Are you having trouble ensuring efficient and data secure digitisation solutions in taxation and accounting?

Let VGD’s experts assist you!


We provide effective solutions for 21st century administrative challenges, in order to reduce paperwork and increase security and efficiency. Our team of tax and accounting experts works tirelessly with our IT partner companies to provide you with personalised solutions to aid you in the pursuit of digitalisation and increased efficiency.

Every business has to handle an increasing amount of data, while the range of reportable information to the tax authority is also always on the rise. The challenge is to transform the complex mass of data found in IT systems into useful information, which not only makes data reporting to the tax authority easier, but also supports the complex needs of company information systems and aids business decision-making.

Whether you need assistance with domestic standards or have US GAAP, IFRS or invoicing needs, we are ready to help you with online solutions to aid you in reporting, or by monitoring the suitability of IT solutions.



Our highly trained, experienced team can offer you the following services: 

  • Support in the introduction of integrated accounting systems and software in Hungary
  • Consulting and assistance in the introduction of electronic invoicing
  • Creation of an interface for online accounts data reporting
  • Consulting related to the introduction of online accounts data reporting
  • Monthly monitoring of compliance with online data reporting requirements
  • Verification and review of electronic archiving systems, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • Revision and correction of XML templates
  • Creating easily readable data files for VAT returns and domestic summary report sheets (M sheets)
  • Creating readable data files for EC summary report sheets (A60 tax return)
  • Mass checking of Hungarian and EU tax numbers


VGD’s experts are standing by to help you, just contact us if you have any questions!

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