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Tax Law Representation

Tax Law Representation
VGD’s experts offer you piece of mind in both domestic and international tax environments.

Tax law representation is one of our company group’s key services, as all of our clients – domestic, foreign and international businesses and private individuals – are in contact with the Hungarian tax authority, as well as often with international tax authorities.

Our experienced tax and legal experts can offer clients professional support in cross-border international matters, and full legal representation in tax law affairs from making basic legal steps to full representation in court, including the following fields:

              - Representation of taxpayers at the tax authority and other authorities 
              - Providing legal opinions on tax law regarding contracts 
              - Representation for tax law litigation
              - Requesting tax law position statements
              - Conditional tax assessment proceedings


       Contact VGD’s expert team for assistance with tax law matters too!


Kuntner Andrea
Kuntner Andrea

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