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VAT and Fiscal Representation Services

VAT and Fiscal Representation Services
Providing professional support, including in Hungary!


VAT and fiscal representation demands special expertise and material responsibility from consultant.

Our internationally experienced tax experts offer full support in Hungarian tax registration processes, as well as full fiscal representation for clients from outside of the EU.

What does fiscal representation mean in Hungary? 

In order to carry out their taxable transactions in Hungary, non-EU companies without a permanent place of seat or branch within the territory of the EU are required to appoint a fiscal representative to handle their tax related matters in Hungary.

In the provision of fiscal representation, the represented business and the fiscal representative are both severally liable, so fiscal representatives can only be businesses that fulfil special legal requirements. For the duration of the fiscal representation, a business can only be represented at the tax authority by the fiscal representative. 

VGD offers personalised taxation law consulting, full handling of fiscal administration and continuous monitoring of legal changes, providing you with efficient support to help your business comply with all tax and financial requirements.

VAT representation:

To help domestic businesses fulfil their international tax requirements, we rely on the partner support of VGD Group and the Nexia International, world network, thus allowing us to provide expert representation for our Hungarian clients abroad.

Our company group offers the following services to domestic and international businesses for their foreign activities:

   - Fiscal representation
   - Full representation at the tax authority
   - Creating VAT returns
   - Supporting compliance with special Hungarian invoicing requirements
   - Hungarian VAT registration of foreign businesses and other compliance services 
   - International VAT registration of Hungarian businesses
   - International VAT reclaim
   - Analysis and consulting on domestic and international transactions



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