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Technological innovation in electronic invoicing

Technological innovation in electronic invoicing

Technological innovation in electronic invoicing


The Hungarian Tax Authority (hereinafter: HTA) has taken another step to support taxpayers in the field of electronic invoicing. The latest development, the invoice visualisation tool, is designed to support the use of e-invoicing. The tool can generate invoice images from XML file, even if the customer only has access to the invoice data in XML format and the interpretation of the data file would cause difficulties through human eyes.

Since the fulfilment of the real-time reporting obligation automatically generates an XML file which contains the invoice data in case of invoices issued domestically, the invoice data is available for the customer, - by the transmission of the data file through the HTA’s system - thus with the use of the invoice visualisation tool the customer can easily generate uniform invoice image in case of any related transaction.

Before the tool the recipient of the invoice could only record data from the invoice images. By the available technological solution, it is possible to create invoice images from the XML data. The format of the invoice image can be defined by the invoice recipient's software.

By the tool, the customer can generate a uniform invoice image in case of any transaction from the available XML data.

The technological solution can be downloaded and used for free by the hyperlink on the HTA's website.

What are the benefits of the new feature?

  • It converts the content of an XML file into an invoice image format which has been defined by the customer’s software.
  • The system is very flexible and provides many possibilities for data transformation.
  • The final invoice images are available in two formats: HTML and PDF.
  • Final invoice images can be generated in Hungarian, English and German languages.
  • The function can be integrated into the user's system.

We kindly note that the solution does not validate the used invoice data, thus the generated invoice image can also contain data which would fail the validation test of the Online Invoice System.

In order to ensure that the invoices are correct from tax perspective (also in form and content), do not hesitate to contact our tax professionals. 

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